Danny O’Brien has been an activist for online free speech and privacy for over 20 years. In his home country of the UK, he fought against repressive anti-encryption law, and helped found the Open Rights Group, Britain’s own digital rights organization. He was EFF’s activist from 2005 to 2007, its international outreach coordinator from 2007-2009, and international director from 2013-2019. He now supervises EFF’s medium and long-term strategy, with an eye to maintaining the organization’s global impact and reputation.

In a previous century, Danny wrote and performed the only one-man show about Usenet to have a successful run in London’s West End. His geek gossip zine, Need To Know, won a special commendation for services to newsgathering at the first Interactive BAFTAs. He also coined the term “life hack“: it has been over a decade since he was first commissioned to write a book on combating procrastination.

Not sure how often you have EFFers on (I remember Lee being a regular at one point!), so I’ve skipped some of the stuff explaining what EFF is.

Feel free to junk many of these to make room if you think more explanation is necessary — this might be a bit too inside baseball.

No book, I would love a chance to talk a little about EFF’s new podcast, which I co-host, called “How to Fix the Internet”