EFF is a San Francisco-based, donor-supported, non-profit civil liberties organization working to protect and promote fundamental liberties in the digital world. Through direct advocacy, impact litigation, and technological innovation, EFF’s team of attorneys, activists, and technologists encourage and challenge industry, government, and courts to support free expression, privacy, and transparency in the information society. EFF has over 468,000 subscribers and represents the interests of everyday users of the Internet.

Stephanie is a long-time indigent criminal defense trial attorney and immigration defense activist who graduated from UC Berkeley Law. Before coming to EFF, she worked as a Deputy Federal Defender at the Federal Defender’s Office of San Diego trying federal felony cases ranging from illegal entry into the US to drug and alien smuggling.  Then she spent the next decade working at the San Francisco Public Defender’s office trying dozens of cases ranging from robbery to attempted murder. She continues to speak truth to power by protecting your civil rights from government overreach as part of the Civil Liberties Team at EFF.