Jay Stanley


Jay Stanley started working on privacy and technology issues at the ACLU five weeks before 9/11. His role at the ACLU is to help the organization think through, monitor, and explain the impact of new technologies on our privacy, free speech and other civil liberties. He is the Editor of the ACLU’s “Free Future” blog and has authored and co-authored a variety of influential ACLU reports, policy papers, and blog posts on such topics as government and private-sector surveillance, police body cameras, drones, network neutrality, social media monitoring, and “fake news.” Before joining the ACLU, he worked as an analyst at the technology research company Forrester Research, and spent several years in a graduate program in 20th century American history at UVA (ABD). Before that he worked as an editor and newswriter for a New York City publishing company, and held several technology-oriented jobs.