First family member who was born in America. He grew up in California.  When his father had a research project in Western Europe, he lived and went in a school there for 2 years when he was a teenager. He started club sport at the age of 12, he progressed from a low middle level athlete in his club to the 2019 Top 100 in the World (18 and under). He weekly practices 8 times or up to 23 hours, on top of it he is a Senior and maintaining AP A grade level. He was nominated as a scholar-athlete and wants to continue towards degree in sport medicine field.  In his sophomore year he made an inappropriate comment about the school in a private chat group that seemed a dark humor to him and other group members. Then, it became a reason of his detention by the police and harsh disciplinary actions in school. It took him and his family a year to sort out the consequences of his poor judgement.