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Colleen Cowles is an attorney, an advocate, a Mom with personal experience, and author of the new book, “War On Us: How the War on Drugs and Myths About Addiction are a War on All of Us”. Her 15 years of research and work with clients opened her eyes to the devastating impact on health, family, safety, assets, 3d coverand civil liberties of ALL citizens — even those who’ve never tried an illegal drug.

Colleen is former CEO of Cowles Legal Systems, a legal software company where she trained attorneys nationwide, and ultimately sold to Thomson/Reuters. She applies that expertise in an online course entitled “Protecting Your A$$et$ When Addiction Finds Your Family“.  Colleen’s goal is to protect all of our families from untreated – or mistreated – substance use disorder, and from dysfunctional drug policy that’s escalating the addiction, overdose and mass-incarceration and putting all of us at risk. A free e-report, videos, and complimentary book chapters can be found at