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Allen Banks, owner and CEO of Proactive Protection Agency and Safeground Training, is a certified security specialist. Allen has decades of experience in the field as a Personal Protection Specialist. He is a graduate of Vance International, one of the top Executive Protection academies in the United States. There, Allen received training from former Secret Service and Military Personnel. With over 40 years’ experience in the security industry, he has provided threat assessment and security for high profile celebrities in the film, TV, and music industries, corporate executives and high-threat level dignitaries, locally and internationally.
Currently Allen and his business partner, Rick Rowe, provide Personal Protection, Onsite, and Contract Security in Northern and Southern California. This includes a full K9 Explosive and Narcotics division, and have assisted Law Enforcement with K9 services.
As Active Shooter incidents have risen, so has Allen’s passion to get more information to the public. After years of giving private seminars, Allen has launched an Active Shooter Prevention Training for schools called Safeground Training. He is enlightening people on how to identify warning signs and what to do with them, so lives will be saved. Allen wants people equipped with as much knowledge as possible, from warning signs to preventative measures.

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