Kathy Tuccaro’s story of how Dreaming Big can  change your life, now inspires people to make the necessary changes in their own lives to improve their self-worth. She is passionate about personal growth and believes that anyone can change their circumstances and overcome their obstacles if they truly desire to do so. She focuses all her efforts into encouraging, inspiring, ad motivating others that “Change is Possible” if only they would BELIEVE in themselves! She is a woman of great passion, vision and purpose and it is this combination that has led her from the “Dark Night of Soul” into the “Light of Success”!

In addition to being a motivational speaker and Author, Kathy was a Nurse and worked on various Surgical/Medical/Geriatrics units for 13 years. She is also a certified Occupational Health & Safety Officer, and works full time as a Heavy Equipment Operator. She drives a 400 tonne 797F Caterpillar Truck as well as a 208,000 litre water truck up in the Northern Alberta Oil Sands. She has always believed in dreaming bigger than the average population, and today she has proven it literally by driving “THE BIGGEST TRUCK IN THE WORLD!” Her direct experience with violence, trauma and sexual abuse has given her much compassion, understanding and wisdom for those wishing to take that important next step in the changing their destiny. Kathy was born in Val D’Or, Quebec, speaks and writes fluently French/English, and lives in Alberta, Canada.