Glen A Dunzweiler


Glen Dunzweiler is a filmmaker, producer, public
speaker and former college professor whose
documentary, yHomeless?, is available on Amazon
Prime and whose book, Things I’ve Learned From
The Homeless, is available on Amazon Kindle.
Dunzweiler’s interest in homelessness in the U.S.
arose after his own career as a live event production
designer and college professor hit a snag. While
furloughed in 2008 from his job at UC Riverside, he
faced the very real threat of being without a home
when he could not pay his own mortgage and a call
to his bank yielded some unsettling information; the
bank would not talk to him about renegotiating his
payments until he stopped making them. Mortified
that he would have to make himself financially
vulnerable and potentially homeless before the bank
would help him, he became curious about who
becomes homeless and why. The research he
conducted and the repurposing of the funds that his
bank wouldn’t accept led him to a new career as a
filmmaker. In 2015, he moved from a professorship
at CSU San Bernardino to Los Angeles to focus on
the business side of entertainment. As he learned
more about business, he realized college does not
prepare students to make a living. In addition to
filmmaking and book authoring, Dunzweiler is a
public speaker in which he shares insights gained
from working with the homeless and with
community leaders; strategies for navigating the
differences between academic and business success
for students; and tips for smoother presentations for
corporate audiences. Since his book launch, he has
been interviewed on radio over a dozen times and
his new YouTube series Skid Row Speakers aims to
share inspiration from the homeless. Contact:
Phone: (702) 767-7434 Email: