Moses Durazo Biomag


Moses Durazo has over 20 years experience in the healthcare field.  Durazo’s books include: 1) Magnets: How you can Prevent, Improve and Cure Disease, 2) How to Cure with Alternative Medicine without Govern­ment Interference, 3) Medical Magnets: Saving Lives and Mil­lions of Dollars in Healthcare, 4) Magnets to the Rescue (a youth-oriented cartoon), 5) How Magnets Can Save Your Life, and the most revolutionary self-care system 6) Biomagnetism: The Mind, Body, Spirit Recalibration System.

Durazo began his studies by interning as a medical assis­tant at the University of California Irvine medical clinic. With his mission to attend medical school, he began his undergradu­ate studies at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC).  Attracted to the world of medicine and academic research, he served as a research assistant at the Center for AIDS Pre­vention Studies and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

At UCSC he was exposed to the field of holistic healthcare which completely caused him a paradigm shift.  He wanted to learn more about the safe and natural mind, body and spirit medicines our ancestors have used throughout the centuries and completed UCSC’s holistic health practitio­ner certification program. He also graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Language Studies.

At one point in his life, Durazo suffered greatly from a chronic health issue and despite university level healthcare education, he could not help himself; seeking conventional and traditional medicines and therapies also did not help.

However, when a pair of magnets were placed on his body, he immediately – from one day to the next – found the cure to his prob­lem. He immediately knew that pioneering this science would be his newfound mission!

Durazo immediately set off to study directly with the physician who discovered this revolutionary  theories (Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán).  Over the past 10 years of working with people with chronic pain and suffering and those looking for prevention and optimal performance (athletes), he continues to be amazed at the healing results achieved.

Understanding that life and our needs are multidimensional, Durazo has recently also incorporated frequency technology to boost circulation.  The combination of Medical Biomagnetism science and electromagnetic technology has further revolutionized the delivery of his safe, natural and powerful services and the results achieved by the members seeking greater wellbeing.