Hillary Raimo full head shot


Hillary Raimo has a unique combination of life experience that qualifies her as an expert on following ones dreams. With a background in business psychology, real estate and insurance Hillary has bridged the healing arts throughout her traditional training. As a Reiki Master teacher in Usui and Karuna Reiki, a non-denominational ordained minister, author of three books, and longtime well known alternative media radio hostess, Hillary is also an award winning photographer and artist. As her love for the creative process expanded over her years on the air, Hillary guided, mentored and coached new radio voices as she helped people seeking to birth their voices and viewpoints into the world. Hillary has led groups to Egypt and Sedona, as well as travelled the world photographing landscapes, her favorite being the old growth forests in Ireland and British Columbia.

Her nature photography has won numerous awards and she is frequently sought after for competitive shows and exhibits. Hillary’s love for helping others establish and nurture their relationships with nature was evident in her two year project Love, Breathe for Earth, as she organized and led 13 global meditations focusing on human love, meditation and nature beginning in 2014. Inspiring hearts around the world Hillary launched LBE Publishing LLC in early 2018 to carry on the torch of illuminating minds with intuitively intelligent publications meant to awaken consciousness and share the viral energy of love. As President of the local Bethlehem Art Association, her love for giving back to the community has been evident in her ability to bring people together and get things done.

Hillary has consulted on many projects as an intuitive visionary and is sought after by many to add to their professional teams. As a consultant on the Worldbit.com project in 2017, Hillary helped guide the head technologist of Alibaba in creating a new way of incorporating cryptocurrency into everyday needs. Shortly after the ICO launch Hillary was invited to England to photograph & document 22 women on pilgrimage through the ancient sites of Avalon. An experience that strengthened her resolve to stay true to her heart, and follow her dreams.

Hillary has completed art residencies in Europe, the Middle East and in Upstate New York. Her work is on frequent exhibit in galleries and shows in New York.