Rebecca ISACA CACS March 2015 #2

Rebecca Herold – February 22, 2016

Rebecca is widely recognized and respected and has been providing information privacy, security and compliance services, tools and products to organizations in a wide range of industries for over two decades.  Rebecca has authored 17 published books, most recently the “ISACA Privacy Principles & Program Management Guide” for the Information Systems Audit and Control Association which is scheduled to be published during Q4 of 2015.

Rebecca was one of the first practitioners to be responsible for both information security and privacy starting in 1995 in a multi-national insurance and financial organization that was establishing one of the first online banks. Rebecca has been leading the NIST SGIP Smart Grid Privacy Subgroup since 2009, and has been in the IEEE Par 1912 Privacy and Security Architecture for Consumer Wireless Devices Working Group since mid-2015. Rebecca is a co-owner for the SIMBUS Information Security and Privacy Services business, currently with the premier flagship HIPAA Compliance Tools ( for healthcare organizations and their business associates to meet their HIPAA, HITECH and other legal requirements, and Vendor Tracker services ( to provide oversight of third party security and privacy practices. Rebecca has been an Adjunct Professor for the Norwich University Master of Science in Information Security & Assurance (MSISA) program since 2005. Rebecca currently serves on multiple advisory boards for security, privacy and high-tech technology organizations. Rebecca is frequently interviewed and quoted in diverse broadcasts and publications such as IAPP Privacy Advisor, BNA Privacy & Security Law Report, Wired, Popular Science, Computerworld, IEEE’s Security and Privacy Journal, and many others. Rebecca has appeared 1-2 times monthly on the KCWI23 Great Day show since 2014 to raise public awareness of current information security and privacy topics. Rebecca has received numerous awards and recognitions for her privacy and information security work over the years. Rebecca has the following certifications: CISSP, CISM, CISA, CIPM, CIPT, CIPP/US, FLMI