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Lee Poskanzer – August 7, 2017

Mr. Poskanzer is the CEO and Founder of Directive Communications Systems, (DCS).  He has been recognized for consumer product innovation and merchandising. He premiered market driven innovations including cross-promotional partnerships with international brands with offers into Home Video and DVDs eventually becoming standard and practice for the industry. He has been recognized as a leader in the prepaid payments category as an early innovator of the Gift Card Mall now generating millions of dollars. Mr. Poskanzer has led sales, client management, and marketing teams for several Fortune-100 and 500 organizations resulting in growth of over new revenue opportunities driving of several hundred million dollars and expanding product innovations. He gained additional experience working as a National Sales Manager for Corporate Incentives at Staples, the Director of Retail Client Management at American Express, Director of Gift Cards at Blackhawk Marketing Services (Safeway, Inc.), Director of Marketing Promotions at Foot Locker, and President of Mean Lee Incorporated. Mr. Poskanzer began his career as the Multiple Brand Manager, Product Director, and Sales Director for Paramount Pictures, Columbia/TriStar, PolyGram, Universal, and CBS/Fox (consolidated).

Mr. Poskanzer earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with a Minor in Sociology, from Northeastern University. He has held memberships in the IMA, RGCA, IGCC, AMA, Incentive Gift Certificate Council, and Video Software Dealer Association.

About Directive Communication Systems

DCS is the first estate management solution that enables estate professionals and individuals  automate the process of managing digital assets and online accounts  and their directives quickly and easily via a secure, cloud-based platform. It is also the only solution of its kind to be compliant with the Federal and State laws as well as site owners’s Terms of Service Agreements and Privacy Policies. One of these legislations is the current Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Access Act (RUFADAA 2015) has been enacted in several states, providing a complex and challenging path for Fiduciaries to obtain access to online accounts, necessary for identifying financial and sentimental property for distribution and settlement.

DCS is designed to automate the labor intensive process of managing and organizing the hundreds of the ever-changing online assets from financial accounts, social media profiles, email, photo and online subscriptions. Today, the average American is estimated to have more than $54, 000.00 in digital assets and that is expected to grow incrementally. Recently, International Data Corporation estimated that by 2025, the average connected person would interact with a connected device (laptop, tablet or mobile) nearly 4,800 times per day, or once every 18 seconds.

The DCS platform provides a step-by-step process for creating a digital estate plan that includesthe organization of digital assets, the identification of a trustee and details on how they would like the digital assets handled upon passing. Recorded information can easily be added to and updated and once administration is underway, DCS automatically notifies each account/institutions (with the estate’s legal authorization) and executes the prescribed course of action for each account as outlined by the deceased. DCS conducts its activities in partnership with the estate’s Personal Representatives The DCS platform also helps to prevent and mitigate ID theft and fraud.